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Almost three decades of experience.

Eltech Electrical has over twenty-nine  years experience in the electrical maintenance and installation of residential, commercial and industrial premises. Eltech Electrical has close bonds to leading specialist professional consultants and companies in these fields to achieve our clients briefs. 


Famous for providing the highest quality.

To ensure customer satisfaction from first contact right up until payment, a network of positive relationships is essential. At the heart of Eltech Electrical is a positive company culture, which attracts and retains staff from the beginning of their apprenticeships and into their careers as tradesmen.
Long-term commitment to Eltech allows our team members to build relationships with customers, suppliers and each other, which foster trust, free communication and high satisfaction, resulting in repeated return business.


Safe, reliable and

There is no shortage of electrical contractors in the market competing on the basis of lowest price. Eltech’s philosophy prevents us from being one of the pack. Our tradesmen and apprentices are trained to complete their work to a standard that ensures safety, reliability, suitability and longevity for our customers. Compliance with the latest Australian standards is non-negotiable.


Known for providing the highest quality.

Eltech Electrical’s extensive experience in the specialist areas of architectural and decorative lighting design and installation, Commercial power factor correction systems and lightning protection systems sets the business apart from most general electrical contractors. Minimal competition in these areas allows for specialist pricing and recurring business, including scheduled maintenance, and attracts low-risk customers providing secure income.


Talent that's here to help.

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How do I find out more about Eltech's services?

Send us a friendly email at: info@eltechelectrical.com.au
Call us at +61 407 584 300

What guarantees are there on quality?

Our team at Eltech prides ourselves on providing the friendliest and best quality services possible!
Nearly 30 years of "doing the right thing" ensures that you will get the best quality, it is how we have built our company!
Have a question about our work? Call us at +61 407 584 300, or email us at info@eltechelectrical.com.au

How long does a job take?

Thanks to our industry experience, no job is too big or too small! We aim to complete every job as efficiently as possible - all whilst keeping the quality of work at it's best!

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What is the process to lock in a job?

Give us a call or send us an email with your contact details and a small idea of what your job may entail and we will contact you to discuss and arrange a suitable time for your project.


Our Satisfied Clients


Orange Sky has trusted Eltech to make sure our vans are reliable and accessible for our friends doing it tough. They go above and beyond to make sure everything is safe.

Nicholas Marchesi - Founder
02 / 02

The Eltech team surpassed all expectations. Not only did I love the end result, the team made the whole process fun and interesting to be part of.

Carla Knight, CEO
01 / 02

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